The Best Ingredients For Face Creams Are Natural Ones

Published: 20th July 2009
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Most face creams contain synthetic chemicals and oils derived from petroleum. Only all natural face cream contains oils that are similar to the skin's own. They are easily absorbed and can replace the oils that are stripped away during a shower.

We shower so frequently in industrialized societies; it's a wonder that we have any skin left. Everyone should be using effective face creams on a regular basis, if only to counteract the negative effect that chlorinated tap water has on their skin. But, many people overlook this simple skincare "must".

A natural face cream might contain an ingredient like grape seed oil. The antioxidant-rich oil has been used for hundreds of years to revitalize and nourish. It is particularly effective for repairing the delicate skin around the eyes. The essential fatty acids that it contains are similar to those produced by human sebaceous glands (sebum). So, it moisturizes and has a unique filming ability, which locks the moisture in.

A natural face cream might also contain maracuja, a special passion fruit extract. It is used to regulate sebum production. It is particularly beneficial for people combination skin types; oily in some spots, dry in others.

The average face creams contain petrolatum, mineral oil or liquid paraffin. Those are not similar to sebum. Basically, the skin's cells can't use them. They are not absorbed, but they do clog up the pores and leave a greasy feeling.

A natural face cream might contain vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant that has been shown in many scientific studies to reverse the effects of aging on the skin. It reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, helps prevent the appearance of age spots and helps prevent photo-aging.

Photo-aging is a fancy way of saying "the signs of aging caused by overexposure to sunlight". It actually occurs because UV rays from the sun increase the production and activity of free radical molecules. Antioxidants like vitamin E neutralize free radicals before they get out of control.

Some of the companies that make face creams are not very honest about the ingredients they contain. Artificial preservatives are antioxidants, because they prevent oxidation or spoilage of the ingredients in the product. But, artificial preservatives are not effective against free radical molecules. They are not good for the skin's health, either. They are the most common cause of allergic and adverse reactions.

Natural face cream containing vitamin E will have a long shelf life, because vitamin E is just as effective as artificial preservatives. Companies don't use it, because it costs more. Synthetics are always cheaper than the real thing.

Whenever you are shopping for cosmetics, take the time to read the warning labels, as well as the label of ingredients. Those are our only sources of honest information. The best products are safe enough to use every day. They do not contain poisons, irritants or allergens.

Consider trying all-natural face creams. You could be surprised by how much better you'll look and feel.

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