How to Find the Best Hand Cream For Dry Skin

Published: 19th July 2009
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If you want to find the best hand cream for dry skin, you need to look for some specific ingredients. As with most consumer goods, there are good moisturizers and bad ones. Here's a look at the ingredients that you do and do not want in your hand and body lotion. Let's start with what you do not want.

Sources don't always agree. So, it can all be more than a little confusing. The recommendations in this article are based on the latest research. There are dermatologists and other doctors that are on the cutting edge of anti-aging technology, but many of them are still in the dark ages.

You might not think that a moisturizer has much to do with anti-aging, but if it contains the right ingredients, it can be the key to more youthful looking skin, throughout your life. If it contains the wrong ingredients, it won't even moisturize.

The best hand cream for dry skin does not contain petrolatum, mineral oil or paraffin, because those ingredients are not actually moisturizing. They "repel" moisture. While other ingredients, like the protein keratin for instance, attract moisture and pull it into the skin's cells.

Petrolatum in large quantities interferes with the skin's natural rejuvenation processes. Yet, it is the most common ingredient in hand and body lotion. If it's not petrolatum, then it is probably mineral oil, which is just as bad. Those ingredients are derived from crude oil. They leave a greasy feeling, because the skin's cells cannot absorb them.

The best hand cream for dry skin does contain keratin. As an ingredient in skincare products, keratin varies in quality. Some keratin is denaturalized. So, it is not as beneficial. You'll have to compare the labels or look for a company that includes "Functional Keratin" in their products.

In clinical trials, Functional Keratin has been shown to improve the skin's moisture content by over 20% after the first application. After 18 days, it actually improved the skin's ability to retain moisture. The volunteers in the original study had detergent-related dermatitis, better known as dishpan hands. After just a few weeks, the condition improved dramatically. A number of anti-aging benefits were seen, as well.

Normally, the skin-cell turnover rate decreases with age. The trials showed a 160% increase in skin-cell turnover rate after three days. This indicates that the skin's cells are using the protein to make new ones.

The best hand cream for dry skin will also contain coenzyme Q10. It has been shown to reduce dryness in sun damaged skin by 26% over the course of six weeks. There are no studies concerning lotions that contain both COQ10 and Functional Keratin, but I can only imagine that together, they would be even more effective than they are separately.

So, now you know how to find the best hand cream for dry skin. You can tell your friends or keep it as your own little secret. No one will be able to guess your age by looking at your hands.

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